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Heather T. Forbes, LCSW

Upcoming Classes:

Register today!

Group C: Tuesdays

July 9, 16, 23, & 30

Group D: Thursdays

Sept. 26, Oct. 3, 10, & 17

Group E: Wednesdays

Oct. 30, Nov. 13, 20, & Dec. 4

FROM THE                 

Heather T. Forbes, LCSW

Join the author for this one-of-a-kind experience to learn more about how to implement the contents of her ground-breaking book, Classroom180 This event will bring the pages of this book to life and give you the skills, confidence, and knowledge you need to support all your students during these unsettling times.


This multi-day intensive course is a deep-dive into the groundbreaking new book, Classroom180: A Framework for Creating, Sustaining, and Assessing the Trauma-Informed Classroom, by Heather T. Forbes, LCSW. The Classroom180 Framework is a comprehensive roadmap of what it means to fully create, implement, and sustain a trauma-informed classroom from kindergarten through the twelfth grade. Additionally, Classroom180 includes an assessment tool, the Classroom180 Rubric, that can be used by administrators and others specialists who support teachers on the journey of becoming trauma-informed.


Watch a sample of Session #1


This is a virtual training that runs for four sessions. It is a blended training with the majority of the sessions conducted LIVE on the BCI Zoom platform with some course work being done online through our Classroom180 Virtual Dashboard. Each participant will receive a log-in and password to access their dashboard during the training.

Each bootcamp has participants from around the United States, Canada, and the world. We are creating a synergetic space to find new and innovative solutions to creating a trauma-informed classroom for everyone.


Creating an effective and life-giving trauma-informed classroom goes far beyond a few fidgets and a calm corner. This multi-day intensive event will equip you to be on the leading edge of being trauma-informed. You will learn and explore the five domains of Classroom180 along with each of the clearly defined twenty-seven components and their supporting indicators.

Rubric-Circular Graphic-5.png

The Classroom180 Virtual Bootcamp is a comprehensive deep dive into the "how" of a trauma-informed classroom. You will learn how to:

Domain 1: Relationships and Family Culture​

  • Develop a strong family culture within the classroom

  • Establish and teach hierarchy

  • Set love-based limits and boundaries

  • Develop safe and strong teacher-student relationships

  • Create an inclusive and judgment-free classroom

  • Build and strengthen student-student relationships

  • Involve parents and build teacher-parent relationships

Domain 2: Regulation

  • Build and implement universal proactive regulatory strategies

  • Become more aware, open, and empathic during challenging times

  • Identify your own triggers and develop a greater self-awareness

Domain 3: Language of Trauma

  • Speak "the language of trauma"

  • Implement "right-brain" to "right-brain" de-escalation strategies

  • Improve your affect tolerance

  • Better read nonverbal communication

Domain 4: Safety

  • Establish effective safety protocols

  • Safely respond in a moment of crisis

  • Implement regulatory-based discipline

Domain 5: Discipline and Empowerment

  • Enforce consequences with relational support

  • Help students struggling with developmental deficits

  • Implement SEL with a trauma lens

  • Build up students' self-image and improve their sense of self

  • Find joy amongst the chaos

Using the Classroom180 Rubric

  • Use the Room Scan

  • Use the Classroom180 Rubric

  • Follow the 5-step process for assessment

who should

This multi-day intensive Classroom180 Virtual Bootcamp is designed for:  

School Administrators
School Support Specialists
School Counselors

Teachers, this experiential training will provide you the roadmap to fully create, implement, and sustain a trauma-informed classroom. Additionally, you will be trained on how to use the assessment tools that are a part of Classroom180 for your own self-assessment. This will give you a foolproof way to make sure you are not only creating a successful trauma-informed classroom but that you also have a plan for future growth to maintain an ever-expanding and ever-deepening trauma-informed classroom for your students.


Administrators, this training will deepen your understanding of what components are needed for a trauma-informed classroom so you can create the systems and structures to support your teachers. But more importantly, it will equip you with a solid way to objectively assess your teachers, using the Classroom180 Rubric. Eliminate the guess work. You will be trained on what to look for when doing a classroom observation and how to determine at what level your teachers are on their journeys to becoming trauma-informed.

School Support Specialists and School Counselors

School support specialists and school counselors, this training will give you a more comprehensive understanding of all the components needed to create a powerful trauma-informed classroom. It will move you to the next level in your expertise and sharpen your insight when you are working with teachers in the classroom. You will also learn how to use the Classroom180 Rubric, an objective and well-organized coaching guide, to debrief with teachers when helping them to shift their classrooms from a traditional platform to a trauma-informed platform.

Mental Health Therapists
Educational Consultants
what to

This bootcamp is an intensive experiential experience. It is a unique event for those who are truly dedicated to being on the leading edge of the trauma-informed movement. This training will include the following: 


  • A deep-dive of the intellectual content

  • Interactive discussions through online discussion boards

  • Emotionally driven content

  • Engaging group work

  • Content-reinforcing exercises 

  • Mindful exercises

  • Practical and application-based filmed scenarios

  • Regulatory-based activities

  • Emotionally rich and self-reflective exercises

What else should you expect?

Expect to be challenged. Expect to improve your skill set. Expect to grow emotionally. Expect to fine-tune your ability to relate to challenging students. Expect to have a broader and more comprehensive view of being trauma-informed. Most of all, expect to have fun! 

There are currently three offerings of the Classroom180 Virtual Bootcamp. Join me for one of the following groups:


The following is a list of times for the groups C, D, & E:


2024 DATES:

Group C: Tuesdays

July 9, 16, 23, & 30

Group D: Thursdays

Sept. 26, Oct. 3, 10, & 17

Group E: Wednesdays

Oct. 30, Nov. 13, 20, & Dec. 4

More dates coming soon!


Don't see your time zone? Click HERE to convert.

Mix and Match If Needed

The beauty of online courses is that they give you lots of flexibility. You can cross over to different groups, if needed. For instance, if you signed up for Group A and attend Sessions 1, 2, & 3 but can't make Session 4, you can join Group B for Session 4. When you register, sign up for the group that you will predominately attend and then send us an email if you would like to join any of the other groups.

at a glance

Session 1

  • Welcome and introductions

  • Classroom180 and the Rubric

Domain 1

  • Family Culture

  • Video examples

  • Teacher-Student Relationships

  • Role-play

  • Student-Student Relationships

  • Video examples

  • Teacher-Parent Relationships

  • Gallery Walk


Session 2

  • Welcome back and review

Domain 2

  • Room Scan Interactive activity

  • Transitional Support Video example

  • Interactive Poll 

  • Teacher Self-Regulation with video example 

  • Guided practice with the Classroom180 Rubric

Domain 3

  • Scale of Emotions

  • Gallery Walk


Session 3

  • Welcome and rapid fire flashcard  review

Domain 4

  • Safety Lesson video example

  • Pickerwheel examples

  • "Mr. Slammie"

  • Video example of safety protocol

  • Gallery Walk of Safety Plan Lessons

  • Role-play

  • Video example showing the dynamics between student, principal, and teacher


Session 4

  • Welcome back and review

Domain 5

  • Regulatory-Based Discipline

  • "Let's Work Through This" example

  • Video examples to show real-life classroom application

Using the Rubric

  • Observation of a classroom SEL lesson 

  • Completing the Rubric

  • Post-Observation Conference

  • Growth Plan

Final Q&A / Next Steps

contact hours

We are approved to provide Continuing Education Units/Credits by the above agencies. It is the responsibility of each attendee to ensure this virtual training meets your licensing board requirements!

LIVE contact hours (4 sessions):    13.0

Online contact hours:                       2.5

TOTAL CONTACT HOURS             15.5 

Calendar - July 2024.png

For more information, click HERE.


You will have access to over 10 hours of online bonus courses through our Classroom180 Virtual Dashboard to continue and deepen your learning. 

Group C


                Session 1:  July 9
                Session 2: July 16
                Session 3: July 23
                Session 4: July 30


     1:00pm  -  4:30pm Eastern

   12:00pm  -  3:30pm Central

        11:00am  -  2:30pm Mountain

 10:00am  -  1:30pm Pacific

     9:00am  -  12:30pm Alaska

     7:00am  -  10:30am Hawaii

Group C
July 9
Session 1
Group C
July 23
Session 3
Group C
July 16
Session 2
Group C
July 30
Session 4
Calendar - September 2024.png
Group D
Sept. 26
Session 1
Calendar - October 2024.png
Group E
Oct. 30
Session 1
Group D
Oct. 10
Session 3
Group D
Oct. 3
Session 2
Group D
Oct. 17
Session 4
Calendar - November 2024.png
Group E
Nov. 20
Session 3
Group E
Nov. 13
Session 2
Group E
Dec. 4
Session 4

Group D


                Session 1:  Sept. 26
                Session 2: Oct. 3
                Session 3: Oct. 10
                Session 4: Oct. 17


     5:30pm  -  9:00pm Eastern

     4:30pm  -  8:00pm Central

        3:30pm  -  7:00pm Mountain

    2:30pm  -  6:00pm Pacific

     1:30pm  -  5:00pm Alaska

    11:30am  -  3:00pm Hawaii

Group E


                Session 1:  Oct. 30
                Session 2: Nov. 13*
                Session 3: Nov. 20*
                Session 4: Dec. 4*


     5:30pm  -  9:00pm Eastern

     4:30pm  -  8:00pm Central

        3:30pm  -  7:00pm Mountain

    2:30pm  -  6:00pm Pacific

     1:30pm  -  5:00pm Alaska

    11:30am  -  3:00pm Hawaii*

*Hawaii: After Daylight Saving Time ends,
class will be from 12:30pm to 4:00pm.


Participants are expected to have a basic understanding of ACEs, trauma, and the brain. This course will not go over the foundational material but rather, will jump right into the depths of the material. The following need to be completed before the first LIVE session:

It is expected that all participants will have read Help for Billy by Heather T. Forbes, LCSW prior to the start of the bootcamp.

To purchase, click 


H4B-3Dcover copy.jpg
1. Read "Help for Billy"
2. Complete Online Basic Training


Additionally, each participant is required to complete an online pre-requisite training. With your paid registration, you will be given access to a pre-requisite course on our Classroom180 Virtual Dashboard. Prior to the start of the live sessions, you will be emailed an invitation to signup for access to this dashboard. On this online platform, you will be given access to a short course that has been specifically designed for this training that will satisfy this pre-requisite training. (2.5 Hours for CEUs)

computer for the TIOA.png

Computer not included.


All participants attending the bootcamp are expected to complete both of the two pre-requisites above to ensure they are ready to make a deep-dive at the start of this event. 

New picture for laptop.png
Meet your

Heather T. Forbes, LCSW, is the owner of the Beyond Consequences Institute and author of Classroom180 and numerous other books on the topic of working with children impacted by trauma. Coming from a family of educators, Heather has a passion for helping children in the classroom. Trauma robs children of their curiosity, and Heather’s passion is to help these students return back to their innate love for learning. She consults and lectures extensively with both general and special education schools around the nation. Her signature style is to bridge the gap between academic research and “when the rubber hits the road” classroom situations, giving teachers and school personnel the understanding and tools they need for even the most challenging of students. Heather has worked in schools with trauma-impacted students and knows firsthand how challenging it can be on a daily basis with these students. Much of her insight on understanding trauma, disruptive behaviors, and developmental delays, comes from her own experience of raising two internationally adopted children and mentoring a severely trauma-impacted young adult.

Heather T. Forbes, LCSW

tuition &

This bootcamp is based on the content in Classroom180. During each session, you will be directed to specific pages in the book to complete the activities and will be given reading assignments each week. Thus, it is imperative that you have this book for this bootcamp. The good news is that you will receive a great discount on Classroom180 plus FREE shipping (domestic shipping only) on the book with your paid registration.

  • Multiple LIVE sessions with recording access

  • Access to the Classroom180 Virtual Dashboard for an exclusive prep and networking course ($100 value) along with four months of access for continual learning after the bootcamp.

  • Over 10 hours of additional bonus content.

  • Q&A support throughout the course.

$380.00 USD

Need a copy of Classroom180?

The book, Classroom180, is a required text for this training. You can purchase copies during the registration at a discount!

  • Classroom180 discounted to $56 ($84 value) 

  • Free domestic shipping ($15 value) 

$56.00 USD

Important Registration Information

You will need the following information to complete registration for the Classroom180 Virtual Bootcamp:

• Purchase Order (if applicable)
• Credit Card (if applicable)
• Tax-Exempt Form (Colorado Residents Only)
• Attendee's First & Last Name

• Attendee's Email Address
• Attendee's Phone Number
• Shipping Address (if applicable)
• Which group the attendee will join.

Registering a group of more than 24 attendees?

Call or email our office to register to take advantage of our tiered discounts!
PH: 303-993-8379 option 0

hosted by:
Beyond Consequences Institute
1630A 30th Street, Suite 488
Boulder, CO 80301
Bootcamp Hotline: 303-993-8379 Option 1
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